Welcome to The Edge

In my quest to make myself a better stronger writer I’ve decided to take up a new enterprise that I will likely have very little time for, a blog.  Why blog?  I can’t say that I have a good answer for that question.  In the newest edition of Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market is a section about getting your name out there and creating an image or a persona.  I guess that this will be my attempt at doing such.

I will say right away that I hope to use this space for many reasons, but very likely, it will not simply be an extension of the “what am I doing today” vibe that has taken over so much of the social space on the internet.  There will be no talking to my blog as if it is a person that can respond, there will be minimal social updates about what I’m doing or not doing…even as I write that…it is essentially what I’m trying to avoid doing.

I do hope to use this space to reflect on events in the world, in sports, literature, music, technology (including  video games), movies, etc.  If you take the time to read and comment on my posts, thank you.  If you don’t, thank you.  I’m not in this for personal gratification of how many followers/readers I have.  I’m in this, most importantly, for personal growth.

I will attempt to update on a weekly basis to start.  I can’t promise this is going to happen, but that’s the idea.  I guess if this blog does anything for you, it would be to make you think more carefully about, well, everything.


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