Back in the swing of things

It has been a few months since my last posting.  It has also been a few months since I cut down my hours working at the restaurant so that I could be full time at PSI.  Originally, I hoped that by working fewer hours at the restaurant and having my evenings free that I would be able to dedicate more time to my writing.  I would have to say that plan was derailed.  This is my first attempt to get back on the horse.


I know that when I started this blog that I would limit the amount of posts to nearly zero that were updates on my life and what was or was not happening.  While I still intend to hold true to that I feel like I need to get something down and to get started back with this whole thing.  But needless to say I’m going to need to brain storm some ideas for topics.  I can’t say that I know what I did with my previous list or that I hadn’t already covered the sparse topics I had listed there.  That said, I could see myself randomly posting more than my desired once a week if I run across a topic that I feel I need to say something about immediately.


Random Thoughts:

I got paid for not working the Fourth of July.  My first paid holiday in 5 years.  Granted I spent the majority of my time during those five years in a restaurant where there aren’t really holidays/vacations/sick days.

In less that three months I am going to be father.  I guess technically I already am, but Kimberly and I will welcome Duncan Patrick into this world somewhere around the end of September.  I can’t think of anything in my life that has ever made me as happy as the idea of seeing my son as he is born except maybe the day I married my best friend over 7 amazing years ago.


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