Starting Fresh

I’ve done some research on the best types of blogs to garner followers and one of the biggest rules seems to be to find one topic and stick to that, in turn getting a specific audience. As I begin again to try and write more regularly on this blog and my sports blog, both for practice writing and to help build a habit of writing at least 20 minutes a day, I am haplessly tossing that first rule out the window.


I think as time goes along and I begin to tackle this with more regularity a theme will likely present itself, but until then, and for any of those along for the ride, it’ll be bumpy and irregular but hopefully an interesting journey.


That said, I feel like there is hardly a better time in my life than right now to start building this habit. 7 days ago my beautifully amazing wife gave birth to our second child, our second boy, Finnegan. Neither of our sons came into this world following the plan or idea that we had envisioned. They both arrived healthy and happy, but there were detours along the way. I know, they’re babies, they don’t know there was supposed to be a plan. That doesn’t change the image one has in their mind for how something like the birth of your children is supposed to go.


Why should my plan for becoming a writer be any different? There is a general idea of where I would like to end up with my writing, but I have long since given up the faulty assumption that I’ll publish a few short stories, complete a novel, submit to a publisher and after numerous rejections end up helping support my family with the royalties and advances on future novels. There is always a possibility that the classic route may happen, but I’m not holding my breath. A combination of factors have led me to believe that, in this age of the internet, technology, and independent publishing, another path is there for me.


The long and short of what I’m trying to get at is simply this. This blog will likely lack focus and a clear overall theme. It won’t all be writing advice or reviews of articles I find helpful or necessary to the craft. There will be vignettes about my two boys as I learn along with them about what it takes to be the best father I can. I will probably digress into a multitude of nerd topics such as video games, TV shows and movies, books (mostly SciFi and fantasy, but peppered with thrillers, horror, and crime-y books), comics, and music (mostly heavy metal and hard rock). You have been warned. The one topic I promise will be off limits is sports. I have another blog I plan on working on again which will feature me apply my nerddom to that avenue.
The overall hope is that you find my journey through parenthood and the struggles of an aspiring author interesting enough to check in on my progress and my growth. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and musings.