Nerd News You Need to Know

As if I my life wasn’t busy enough, a feeling I think most of us know and understand all too well, I have recently added a new venture to my schedule. With help, assistance, and blessing from my wife I am now a member of the internet radio show/podcast, The Geek Awakens. (You can find us on For the show all the members bring geeky news stories that we find throughout the week to discuss on air. Originally scheduled for a half hour program, we’ve gone over time the last two weeks and still aren’t able to cover all the topics brought to the table. As such, I’m going to try to bring additional geekery to my blog on a regular basis. Some of the things we don’t get to discuss I am going to toss up here for you to peruse and read. Hopefully, you find these stories as interesting and can geek out on them like we do on the show.

Photos of Planes Going Supersonic – This article from I F***ing Love explains how these pictures were taken, but needless to say, as they mention, you’d think these were either photoshopped or part of an art installation rather than actual photos.

CSI Series Finale – There isn’t much after the jump besides a picture and short blurb. My wife and I have watched CSI (and all the spin-offs save the newest) for the majority of its run. Sadly, the last year or two has gotten too repetitive to hold our interest despite the incredible choice to add Ted Danson to the cast as the latest night shift supervisor. CSI has had its success and it is time for it to head off into the sunset. Thankfully, instead of plodding through another whole season they have decided to give it a special series finale episode which will bring back some favorite characters. (Gil, Catherine, and Brass.) I will absolutely DVR this episode and look forward to seeing how they draw the series to a close.

Amazon Trumping Netflix – Recently Netflix said that allowing users to download shows or movies to watch at a later time (while offline) would never happen. Amazon and their Prime Video service have just taken a step to “1-up” Netflix. As noted in the article, while previously only available on the Kindle Fire tablet, users on Android and iOS devices will now be able to save certain shows or movies for later viewing. It’s an interesting debate considering that more and more of the country and the world is so plugged in and becoming a constantly connected society. Regardless, I’ll have to pop over and see what shows and movies they available.

Hopefully, I’ll be back next week with a few more fun, interesting, and geeky stories for you.


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