Nerd News…Again

Usually while preparing for The Geek Awakens radio show I manage to find multiple stories that we just don’t have time to cover on air. This week I was only able to scrape together a few which means I don’t have much as far as a Nerd News update goes. Let’s see what else is out there for us to geek out over.

Beautiful Blue Beijing – In honor of the 70th anniversary of Japan’s defeat in World War II 5 million cars were required to drive alternately in order to allow the smog over the city to dissapate. The change is absolutely shocking. Two things came to mind when I first saw the pictures after the jump. “Wow!” and a quote from Get Shorty’s Dennis Farina, “They say the (bleep)ing smog is the (bleep)ing reason we have such beautiful (bleep)ing sunsets.” If nothing else it should give us all pause to think about the pollution we feed into the atmosphere everyday.

Cyberpunk Speed Chess – We actually talked about this on air, but it definitely makes more sense if you take time to watch the video included in the link. It’s really a cool idea and as mentally challenging as chess is, I think it would awesome to give this new fast paced game a shot.

NerdCon: Stories – I’ve always been a nerd. Geeking out about stuff is normal for me. As my geekery is refreshed as I spend time reading comic books, enjoying the wealth of superhero movies, and strive for more in my young writing career I have also found a desire to experience a “con”. The link is for a new “con” that will be debuting in the beginning of October. It is meant to focus on storytellers of all kinds. A few featured names appearing are John Scalzi and Patrick Rothfuss. Hopefully it is well received and successful and begs for an expanded encore next year.

I’ve already found a few stories for on air next week, so hopefully I will have a few more fun, interesting, nerdy links for all of you next time.


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